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Alan Zamchick

New York, NY
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I'd be the one on the left, George's right. Norman Sandler is on George's left!


Considering I was such a rolling stone gathering no moss in high school, spending much of my quality time "on the hill" or working off my senior year when I was in the Village School driving a food delivery car, my life was an oasis of consistency mingled with excitement from my 24th Birthday through my 52nd. I had been married to the same woman, held the same job and for some 20+ years lived in the same place and in the past two years all of that has changed. I'm now a "devoted" single (have been going out with a wonderful woman for the past year), have moved to a lovely apartment on the sound in College Point, NY and after a period of unemployment, am once again gainfully employed in Norwalk, CT. My two girls, Stacy (21) and Alexis (26) are slowly making their mark in a challenging world and I'm looking forward to this next chapter in my life.

I'm an avid Ocean Liner and Great Neck historian but find history in general fascinating.

George has really accomplished something with his efforts on the reunions and this site. I'd say the South Class of '72 has the strongest if not one of the strongest alumni groups I've ever heard of and we really have George to thank!


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