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Alice Wasserman

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Amy Matzil   Leeor Sabbath  & Me   2005 mini

Amy Matzil Leeor Sabbath & Me 2005 mini


After graduating from Syracuse Univ., and some time off, I moved to St. Louis to attend Washington Univ. School of Law - graduated in 1981 and practiced there until 1989. During that time, I got married and my son Ari was born. My career moved into the real estate industry at that point and we moved to Washington DC where I worked for Combined Properties, a major player in the shopping center industry and which, at that time, was owned by the Haft family. Over the next several years, my career brought about several more moves, one of which was to Madison, WI, where I ran into Roberta Riportella at a children't Purim carnival. Anyway, to make a long story shorter, in August of 1995, I left my husband. My son and I moved to CT at that point - where we started over again. I left the law business and remarried in 1997. About 5 years ago, my husband Guy and I, along with about 6 other people started a regional Conservative Jewish Congregation here in Cheshire that has now grown to over 100 families, and still going strong. We are also very involved in our community and charitable endeavors along with owning and operating Darter Specialties, Inc. It's a promotional products company where we provide silk-screening, embroidery, laser engraving and other similar services as well as provide all sorts of ad specialty products to companies across the US. We also provide commercial printing services. My son attends private school in Maine and Guy's two boys are in college - the older one studying chemical engineering at Northeastern and the younger one at Roger Williams in the architecture program.


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