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Dr Annamaria Francesca Castiglia (Zanello)

Darnestown, MD

After High School I went to College and then Vet School. I am working presently as a Veterinarian.I have lived both in Italy and in the US in NY,NJ and now in MD.
I married Stefano Zanello 21 years ago in Italy and have 3 boys Luca (17yrs)Paolo (13yrs)and Andrea (a boy-9yrs). My parents are living in Port Jeffereson,NY and my sisters Louisa lives in Lloyd Harbor,NY and Clilly lives in NYC with their families.
I have a Bassett Hound (4yrs)named Sockey.
My Hobbies are traveling,golf when I can,and MOSTLY spending time with my family and friends.
Unfortunately I am not in touch with anyone personally from our class.I always think about it but never find the time to and honestly feel alittle embarassed about not being more organized about finding the time to.I guess I can honestly say with work and business travel, kids,husband and other family things there is little time for more....hopefully one day I hope this too will change
No I haven't been to Great Neck since the 20th reunion.
As for my 50th BD...I spent it in Mexico:) with my family .It was the BEST!!!In the 70's I was at Ohio State University and University of Bologna ,Italy studying. In 80's I got married ,worked in a veterinary practice and had my first son Luca in 1987.In the 90's I gave birth to Paolo in 91 and Andrea in 94 and started my Veterinary career in Industry . As for the next ten years...who knows: I hope it will be happy ,safe and healthy for my family ,friends ,classmates and myself.As for the last 32 years.. so far so good ; looking forward to the next 32 plus years too : plenty of good times still to have...


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