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Bonnie Cohen (Gallet)

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In Alaska going to a glacier in a helicopter

In Alaska going to a glacier in a helicopter

After several years of school I moved to Manhattan. I was married in 1985 and I have two great children. In 1992 my marriage ended but my life continued. In 1996 I remarried, but in 2000 my life turned 180 degrees when I was involved in a catastrophic auto accident. My husband died and I am single once again. I decided I better start taking my kids places before they refuse to be seen in public with me, so I take them on trips whenever possible. We have been to Alaska, Mexico, Greece and the Caribbean.

I am a lawyer. For many years I specialized in the area of criminal law. In 2000 I began working as a Referee of the Family Court of the City of New York, hearing custody and visitation cases. I love the work that I do. Every day is an adventure, both in court and out of court.

I have had numerous articles and decisions published under both my maiden name and my married name (Bonnie Cohen-Gallet). I was the first in New York to publish an opinion regarding grandparent visitation rights after the U.S. Supreme Court handed down a major decision in the year 2000. I also have a booklet published on an annual basis (Looseleaf Law) that defines the complex sentencing structure for convicted felons in New York.


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