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Bonnie Morgenstern (Travis)

Binghamton, NY

It's amazing to see how we have all changed over the years. Thirty years! That's incredible. After graduation I went to SUNY @ Oneonta and received my B.S. in Elementary Ed/Ed Psy. I met my first husband at Oneonta and moved to Binghamton, NY. where I continued my education at SUNY Binghamton and graduated with a Masters in Sp. Ed. I have been teaching Special Education for 33 years.I have three children. My eldest son is also a Special Education teacher. My daughter is an anaestheologist in Washington, D.C. and my youngest son teaches health. My parents moved to Fla. while I was in college, and are still living in West Palm Beach. After thirteen years of realizing you can't change anyone, my former husband and I divorced. My present husband is the Senior Pastor and worship leader at our church. Our families bonded the moment we met (even the dogs). Two of the boys are now in a band. My son and his step-brother married sisters. Dann has 7 children. Needless to say we were the Brady Family and I was both mother and maid. When I went to L.I. a few years ago I couldn't help but experience so many memories. What other school had three proms? We all had our cliques, but looking back and seeing where the majority of us ended up-we really weren't so different after all. As for hobbies-I love to garden, raise fish, and collect cows. My joy however comes from God. I can not describe what it is like when you can reach out to an individual who is lost (whether it be drug addiction, depression, cancer, etc) and give them hope. I hope to hear from you. God bless, btravis1@stny.rr.com


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