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Brad Koozman

The Villages, FL
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After South I graduated from Columbia College and Hofstra Law School. I have been practicing law since 1980 in Nassau County. For the first six years I did solely criminal defense trial work, then I went into partnership with a friend that did not work out, and have been a solo practitioner ever since. Over the years I have handled a variety of civil and criminal litigation as well as personal, estate and commercial matters. I got tired of trial work in 1997 and have pretty much concentrated on real estate and estate matters since then which permits me a life.

I have also been building an internet business marketing a variety of products and services which will soon become my full-time source of income instead of law. Please check me out at Brad Koozman.com, the guest password is "money". In conjunction with this I have successfully brokered putting a large retail website on a major virtual shopping mall and will be doing more of this in the future. I am finally giving full play to my entrepreneurial spirit building businesses and find I like it more than law. The virtues of free enterprise and residual income have not been lost on me.

I have been happily "significantly othered" with Vicki, a dermatological surgeon at NYU Hospital (Tisch), since 1986. For those interested, I've asked, she keeps saying "maybe", but we are committed or should be. We are DINKs, duel-income-no-kids, but with a beautiful if not enigmatic chocolate-point Siamese cat named "Stazi" who quite literally runs our lives meowing orders at us with unmitigated authority.

My father Charles died in 1984 leaving me to head the family. Unfortunately my sister Rena who graduated South in 1976 died in July 2002 much too young at 44 from lung cancer after a 6 1/2 week fight from first learning of her diagnosis. My mother and I were both devastated for some time thereafter. I am now an only child to my 80 year old mother who moved to The Villages, FL above Orlando in December 2002 where we purchased a house for her. I thought I lost her too in August 2003 when she went into a coma for a week, but she rallied and is back to her base state. As you can imagine, I have spent an inordinate amount of time with her since Rena's illness was first diagnosed and find that I can probably legally qualify as a Florida resident now. For any of you who are Floridians, our address here is 3344 Archer Avenue, Lady Lake, Florida 32162 and it's a great place to play. If you happen to be nearby and I'm here, call. There are about 20 swimming pools and 240 holes of golf and still counting, not to mention its own Spanish Springs town square with phoney history. I call it a residential Disney World.


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