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Bruce Resnick

Buford, GA
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I'm holding the fish!


Folowing high school I moved out to LA and went to school there for a while. Then I moved to Tuscon AZ and spent a little more time in school.
In 1974 I moved to Atlanta GA and opened 2 bagle bakeries named Bruce the Bagle Benders Barnum and Bagle. After about 3 years of never working harder for less money I decided that maybe the resturante biz was not for me.
After working construction and various other jobs in 1981 I found myself Working for a company selling IBM data processing equipment (today refered to as computers). I worked for 2 differant companies over the next 5 years and founded Computer Exchange Ltd. in 1986. We are one of the countries largest distrubitors of HP, IBM, Brother and Lexmark service parts.
Some time around 15 years ago I started traveling to Central America. Who would have thought that those spanish classes would come in handy. Now I am totaly fluent in spanish and can even conjigate the verb to go. I have a house in Costa Rica and a condo in Medellin Colombia.
My hobbies are fishing, sporting clays trap and skeet shooting.
Been married twice but it didn't stick. But still having fun. Had a great 50th Bday party at the house, danced all night. Still don't feel 50.
If anyone want to look me up I'm usualy here.



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