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Mrs. Carol Ann Esposito (Schmiemann)

Millville, PA
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Carissa Cerda,  Myself,  Lorraine Terzo  Great Neck 2005

Carissa Cerda, Myself, Lorraine Terzo Great Neck 2005


I graduated from Queensboro with a Assoc. Degree in Business. I married John Schmiemann in 1984, and we moved to Lake Ronkonkoma were we had two children. Kara & Matthew. We just celebrated our 20th anniversary. Kara graduated High School on May 27th of 2004 and plans to go to Penn State. Matthew will be going into 10th grade. We moved to P.A. in 1991 after we had our truck (with all of my husband's tools in it) stolen. Since he was a self employed carpenter, this put us out of business fast. That is why we looked for a better place to raise our small children. We now have 5 acres in the woods with two dogs and plenty of trees, hills and wildlife to view. I even saw a bear in my driveway last week.. My parents still live in our family home in Great Neck, so I come back all the time. The rest of my family, and my husband's still live on Long Island. I am still friends with the people I was close to in school. My best friend, Jennie Ruggiero class of 1971, she was my maid of honor and Godmother to my daughter. As I was for her. We are still joined at the hip as they use to say. I am in contact with Sandy (Dick) Leone, from class of 1971, Plus, from our class, Lorraine Terzo, and Chris Cerda are still my friends. I worked in the travel field in NYC till my kids were born, after that, I had many jobs that I worked at night, while I was a stay at home Mom. When my son went to kindergarten, I became a school bus driver, to work their hours, and I still drive the bus today, even though they drive on their own to school now.
I would love to spend my birthday traveling since that has always been my favorite thing to do.
70's I finished my schooling
80's I married and had my two children
90's We moved to PA and raised our family.
The next 10 years...See my kids through college, and watch them become great adults with children of their own.
2008 We will celebrate my daughter's graduation from Penn State. My son, has started his first year at Dickinson college with a 4.0....Not a bad way to start the new year.


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