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Mrs. Cheryl Ann Abruzzo (Mulholland)

Glen Oaks, NY
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Jane Sterling Heidi Ackerman & Myself at 30th reunion

Jane Sterling Heidi Ackerman & Myself at 30th reunion


Being of Italian decent but mystifying everyone as Jewish while growing up in Great Neck made me a shoe in whether I wanted to be or not (ha!!). Great Neck was a gas and I started apprenticing for my Dad at 15 in his tax office which was in our house. Yes, he was a Tax Attorney and Commercial Pilot too!!

When we graduated from South, I went to Stephens College in Columbia, MO. and enjoyed every moment of obtaining a Business Degree. After I graduated, I returned to work for my Father also managing multiple real estate properties until he became critically ill 18 years later. In the interim, I also worked for my Uncle who was an Estate Attorney.

When my Father passed away in 1999, out came the big guns. I worked night and day for 3 1/2 years unitl October 10,2003 when I closed the Estate. I have participated heavily in Glen Oaks Village where I live interviewing incoming Coop Purchasers on a weekly basis for approval or denial, and participate in the compilation of a 20 million dollar budget in Glen Oaks each year. There are only five of us who put the budget together.(ugh)

I bet you wonder what it is I do for fun. I have a husband of 14 years(who is a rip) and four step sons ranging in age from 20 to 26. One of the middle children is in Iraq fighting on our behalf right now. While I am nearing 50, I confess I am so much happier today than I was at 18 years of age as there were too many people telling me what to do.

I subscribe to one thing...do what it is you want, whether it be work or play, and never let anyone tell you what to do or when.



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