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Carissa nickname:Chris Cerda

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Me,  Carol Esposito & Lorraine Terzo   2005

Me, Carol Esposito & Lorraine Terzo 2005


After high school I attended Queensboro college, where I graduated with a liberal arts degree. While on campus I was quite active in the student union. I
was the entertainment editor of the college newspaper and producer of the TV station. These creditials allowed me to got me in to some great campus concerts. I covered Robert Klien, Billy Crystal , William Shatner and Jay Leno !
After college I worked for Chase Manhattan Bank, in Garden City where I met
my husband, Andrew. We were married in 1984 and I gained a great extended family consisting of 2 beautiful children .! Mary and Michael.
Mary is bank manager and a wonderful artist and Michael is a constuction supervisor and firefighter. My husband works for N. E. C as a communications programmer and I work for Best Buy as manager of the Appliance dept..
We live on eastern Long Island with our 2 loveable dogs, Bosco (boston terrier) and Molly (mini-pincher).

Its been a long time since I've been in Great Neck, but as I remember, we had quite an interesting high school, didn't we? Being in the best school system at that time, we were , creative, rebellious, and we grew up during the renaissance of the 60's. Music, art, and the spirit of change was all around us . Who knew that we would go from staging a "sit in" to protest the war, to driving mini-vans and hearing our music on "oldies" stations! Yikkes, we are old, aren't we? ha ha !
I wish everyone much love, health and happiness in the future .


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