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Mr. David Zale CFA

New York, NY
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30th Reunion 2002

30th Reunion 2002

Celia Bracco  George Levien  Janet Idema  &  Myself 2003

Celia Bracco George Levien Janet Idema & Myself 2003


In many ways life is better as I approach Fifty than it was when I was Eighteen, except I can no longer eat a box of Ring Dings without gaining weight.

I have been married for eighteen years (first and only marriage)to Carol, a well-regarded psychiatrist, and have a daughter, Chloe, in the eighth grade. Chloe has a beautiful voice and used to sing with the Metropolitan Opera Children's Chorus.

I spent my early working years in the jewelry industry, but switched to the securities industry in my mid-forties. I received my Chartered Financial Analyst Designation (CFA) and I now own a hedge fund-of-funds.

Besides my family, work, and community involvement, my life revolves around the Three R's - Running, Reading, and Resting. What a difference thirty years makes. I feel fulfilled and at peace with myself


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