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Ellen Kelman

Denver, CO
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Time to update -- it is now 28 years that I have been practicing union/employee side labor law in Denver; the kids who, at least update, ranged from little to just about to start college are now

Ben -- 23, teaching kindergarten in Seoul for the next year. (he graduated from NYU last year with a vague ambition -- a term that cannot, even by a fond maternal stretch, really be used to apply to him -- to be a writer; an excellent undergraduate writing portfolio (you can actually find some of his essays online if you google ""benjamin worthen" "mercer street"" -- he is very good); and an incurable wanderlust. He spent the first few months after college bumming around Brazil with a friend,and then took this job in Korea. fond mom also recommends his blog -- benjaminteacher.wordpress.com. it's interesting

Zach -- 20 -- decided to graduate from college a year early, so he'll be done this may. no current plans, but a great deal of generalized energy . . . i wouldn't be shocked if, in teh event nothing more attractive turns up, he decided to join his brother to teach in Seoul; they really like being abroad together (they've travelled together a lot).

abby -- 16 -- sophomore in high school. a tiny, delicate looking little thing who is as sweet as she seems, and slaughters opponents in debate by being hard as a rock. a hoot, in many, many ways

my practice continues to be quite rewarding in most ways, although the least of those ways is financially -- I'm still on the side of the people who need someone to speak for them, and that is extraordinarily satisfying. (I now do a lot of disability representation, in addition to my basic union work) The downside is that those aren't the people who have a lot of money to pay lawyers . . . At the end of the day, it's a fair trade-off; I make a decent living, and have no trouble looking in mirrors.

My extremely large and benign dog (Millie -- my second Newfoundland . . .) is snoring at my feet; the Rockies are currently winning 7 - 2 (and to those of you who think they didn't deserve to win the pennant last year, I only say -- PHOOO at you all! ! ! Greatest. Baseball. Run. EVER.); and life feels good.


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