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Harvey Lee Harman

Thornton, PA
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Myself with Lois Einsidler @ Pizza party 2003

Myself with Lois Einsidler @ Pizza party 2003


I had the brief version on the WEB for a long time. Now it is time to fill in the details.

After leaving GNS I went to a 2 year school, went to work for Burroughs (now Unisys). Unisys moved me to Reno NV in 76 and I stayed there for about 2 years enjoying the skiing in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Worked 2nd shift and basically had my wild time.

In 78, Unisys moved me to San Fransisco. I had a great time living there and commuting to PA. I met my wife (Janice) while on a trip to PA. Unisys moved me to Denver, Jan however wanted to stay in PA, so I moved again. We have been in PA ever since.

I earned my BSEE, and MSIS from Drexel. Currently working on a Ph.D. at Nova Southeastern University. I guess I will get out of school one of these days. It is so much easier when some one else foots the bill.:-)

We have 2 daughters Diana is 20 and attending Drexel University, Courtney is almost 17 and a junior in high school. Jan retired from teaching last year and now has a job at Longwood Gardens (a botanical garden funded by a DuPont endowment).

My career has been an adventure as well. Nothing you would write home about with Unisys, IBM or Siemens, but Commodore was a blast. I worked on improving the reliability of the Commodore 64 and Amiga Computers. A couple of more boring years until I got to Boeing in 2001. I worked on the night vision system of the Comanche Helicopter, the ground station test platforms for the Global Positioning System and an air traffic control system.

Five Year Update:
My older daughter lives in Philadelphia, in a 100 year old house she is rehabilitating. My Younger daughter graduated from Rutgers, got married and moved to North Carolina. As empty nesters, I hope we can travel more and attend more of the mini-functions.


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