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Mr. Howard M. Levine

Lake Oswego, OR
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The Levine Family 2003--Howard, Leslie, Jan and Stephanie

The Levine Family 2003--Howard, Leslie, Jan and Stephanie


After high school, I went to college in New Jersey and then to law school in Ohio. I continued my journey westward and arrived in Oregon right after I graduated from law school in 1979. I worked for two years as a law clerk for a U.S. Bankruptcy Judge in Portland, and then, in 1982, joined Sussman Shank LLP, a downtown Portland firm, and have been here ever since.

In my practice, I represent lenders and large creditors in chapter 11 cases in the Northwest and throughout the country. I have been involved in some very interesting cases over the years in many different cities.

I have been happily married to my wife Jan since 1986 and have two daughters, Stephanie, 15 and Leslie 12. Interesting times and more fun is ahead as our teenage girls fully consume our lives.

Life is wonderful here in the great Pacific Northwest. Summers are always sunny and pleasant and there is much to do from the coast to the mountains to the deserts of eastern Oregon. Winters can be a bit gray, but the skiing is close, and we find other things to keep us busy. We like to travel and in the last few years have been to Europe, Costa Rica, Mexico, and many places in the United States.

If you find yourself thinking of a trip to the left coast, please give me a call (503) 243-1637. You can also contact me at Howard@sussmanshank.com. It would be great to hear from you.

Best regards and good health to you all.


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