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Dr. John Aversa

Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ
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30th Reunion 2002

30th Reunion 2002


Sorry to start this off on such a depressing note, but right after high school, my Dad died and I didn't go directly to college. I went to work with a construction company for 4 years and then worked for an airfreight company for 2 years. It was then I realized I could do more when I decided to finally go to college. I attended St. John's where I met my future wife (we'll be celebrating 21 years this July). I then went to Fairleigh Dickinson Dental School and decided to settle in the beautiful Garden State (no jokes, please).

I have lived in Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ (I said, no jokes!) for 22 years and I have 2 boys: Matthew, 18 and John, 20. As a family, we enjoy skiing and my boys like skeet and target shooting. Matthew is a Freshman at Susquehanna University and John is a Junior at Loyola Maryland. I currently have 4 cats and an Alaskan Malamute (Mojo, Mudhead, Pedro, Ducati and Kodak, respectively).

The 30th reunion was the first time I have been in Great Neck since 1983!

My recap of the past 3 decades are:

the 70's: A time of adjustment and responsibility.
the 80's: Education, marriage, business.
the 90's: Family, work, family.
The 00;s: Work, Work, Work!!!


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