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Jonathan Mark Brakarsh

Harare, Zimbabwe,
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My Son Sam and Wife Barbara

My Son Sam and Wife Barbara


After GNS, I went to Oberlin College (1972-76) majoring in English and Psychology. I worked in the theater for a year, Playwright's Horizons in Times Square, as a playwright and stage manager. Fame never quite touched me, but I got to work with Sigourney Weaver of Aliens fame. Then I spent until 1981 working my way up the East Coast from New York to Boston as a mental health worker in various psychiatric hospitals.

I decided to go to graduate school in clinical psychology and spent 1981-88 at the California School of Professional Psychology in Berkeley. Love reentered my life in 1988 as I fell back in love with Barbara whom I had lived with for one year in 1980 when she arrived from Zimbabwe to study at Tufts University. I lived in the Bay Area until 1993 when I moved with Barbara to Zimbabwe. I have been there ever since working as a child psychologist, developing national health services for children as well as working with various groups of concerned professionals and communities to think through the AIDS crisis that has decimated this country and affected its social fabric.

After years as the "sin-in-law", as my in-laws called me, Barbara and I married in 1996. Our wedding was a night of dancing as only Zimbabwean people can do. The last guests, mostly drunk, staggered off at sunrise. We have an adopted daughter, Shalimar, now 22, and a son, Sam, now 5 years old.

I stay here in Zimbabwe because I don't want to see the bad guys win and because living here teaches me the value of friends and the things that really matter in life. We don't receive any junk mail.

I enjoyed reading everyone's biographies and you have inspired me to write my own at 1 AM after imbibing a supposedly "decaffeinated" cappuchino. We have all grown-up. Congratulations to you George for such a wonderful website.


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