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Kenneth Meyer MD

Chester, CA
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Shari and Ken at Dover Castle 6/04

Shari and Ken at Dover Castle 6/04

Ken with brother John, son Bryan, and Mom.

Ken with brother John, son Bryan, and Mom.


Classmates Pat Moreno, Hal Gerstein and I marched off to a 6 year medical program at RPI and Albany Medical College. Intense, but it shaved a couple of years off the usual path to medicine. So, at age 24, I moved out to LA for my first real job--a Resident in Ophthalmology at UCLA. Next stop, Sacramento, where my wife, Shari, and I decided to take a big chance and give up the cozy and secure employee lifestyle to build our own eye surgery center. It worked, and we had fun running it for 15 years and over 8000 eye surgeries. People thought I was the boss 'cause I did all the surgeries; little did they know who the real boss was!

We sold the practice in 1998 (coinciding with our son's departure for college), and retired to the tiny town of Chester, California, population 2000. It's a sleepy mountain town sitting next to Lake Almanor, 100 miles north of Lake Tahoe. We don't do a whole lot (some golf, occasional tennis, hiking, skiing, 4-wheeling, snowboarding). That's a big change from our life up to retirement (it seemed we were always running, always playing catch-up, but seldom just "playing"). Now, we hang around a lot and enjoy life.

Our son, Bryan, turned out the opposite of me--tall, handsome and always a hit with girls! Oh yes, and he's a jock--he didn't get that from me :)

We like to travel and especially like cruises. Our other great interest is flying█15 years ago, we took our first lesson in an little Cessna 152. Within 2 years, we progressed to instrument rating, multi-engine and finally became commercial pilots. We╠ve flown our light twin-engine plane to Canada, Mexico, the Bahamas and even over Cuba. Many know flying is a joy; few have a pilot spouse to enjoy it with, and time to do it, so I am blessed.


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