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Louise Kayfetz

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George Levien  and Rich Fantel 2007

George Levien and Rich Fantel 2007


Moving to Florida and leaving GNS wasn't a pleasant experience for me. Coming from NY to a "southern" school was very frustrating because the education in NY was on a much higher level, at that time. I'm sure that Florida has improved its educational system since the early '70's. I was much farther ahead in courses and was very bored in class. Plus, no A/C!!!!

After high school, I attended college at the University of Colorado in Boulder. I loved it there and still live in Colorado. I got married at 28 and have identical twin boys that are 23 years old. Both are graduating from Colorado State University this May and plan to attend grad school. One is in Mechanical Engineering and wants to be involved in rally sport racing and my other son is a Business/Finance major. They are great guys and I'm very proud of them. It's been great to have them stay in Colorado so we can visit each other more often.

I got divorced in 1998 and remarried in 1999 to a man from Chile. He owns his own oil & gas company and offices in downtown Denver. I'm retired since 2004 because I had cancer surgery that year. I had a very, very rare/aggressive cancer and was extremely lucky that we caught it very early. It's a miracle, for sure. I'm fine but still get checked every 6 months. We now live in Littleton which is a suburb SW of Denver. I've been very passionate about horses since I was a little girl. I spend most of my time at the stable with my horse now and I'm loving every minute of it.

My dad passed away in 1993 and my older sister, who did get to graduate from GNS, passed away in 1998 from breast cancer. My other sister teaches part time at Columbia and she also graduated from GNS. We moved my mother from Santa Barbara to Denver a year and a half ago. She's 86 and still going strong!

I do miss the water but Colorado is a great place to live...great weather, great place to raise children, great skiing, and Denver has successfully risen into the cultural market that it should have had 25 years ago.

Take care everyone,

Louise Kayfetz-Munoz


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