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Mark Begelman

Santa Clara, CA
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With My Wife Leslie at San Francisco Mini 2003

With My Wife Leslie at San Francisco Mini 2003

Claudia Cappio & Myself at SF mini 2003

Claudia Cappio & Myself at SF mini 2003


After Graduating from GNS I headed South and became a "Ramblin' Wreck"
at Georgia Tech in Atlanta. I studied Electrical Engineering and minored in Computer Science.

I left Atlanta in 1982 and moved West to Silicon Valley and worked as
a Manufacturing Engineer, Failure Analyst, and Quality Assurance Engineer in both Military and High Tech companies.

The highlight of my employment was going to Stockholm, Sweden to accept the Nobel prize for my discovery of Perpetual Motion.
(Excellent Chocolate in Sweden!!)

I met my wonderful wife Leslie in one of the most romantic settings imaginable; the watch counter at Long's drugstore. I was able to successfully replace the battery in her favorite jogging watch and put the whole thing back together for her.

She was delighted and told me she had three other watches at home that didn't work either. Well, two and half years later we got married, and I inherited two "step kitties"

(Most of you don't know that I've been repairing and restoring Clocks
and Watches since I was seven years old, but that's another story)

I just celebrated my 50th Birthday in January with about 35 friends
and relatives. I reflected back on my Life and realized just how fortunate
and blessed I really was.

I hope all of you GNS Alumni have a happy and healthy 50th as we all begin "Our second half-century"

Many Thanks to George for putting this all together and to helping re-unite
a lot of old friends....

My best wishes to you all,

Mark Begelman
Ace Horologist at large...


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