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Ria Kasprowski (Chavin)

Madera, CA
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George Levien & Myself at the San Francisco  Mini 2003

George Levien & Myself at the San Francisco Mini 2003


I planned to go to California for the summer after graduation, but never returned.I lived in South Pasadena for a while. From there in moved to New Mexico (my favorite place, if only there was an ocean there!). I lived in Roswell, Portales, and Albuquerque- where my daughter Erin was born in 1977. After that I lived a year in Morenci ,AZ. A very interesting experience to say the least. From there, Cedaredge , Colorado was home for 5 yrs. My son Chris was born there in 1980. I have lived in Madera, Ca since 1984. I have been teaching Kindergarten for 4 yrs. and before that 2nd for 16 yrs. I have 2 grandchildren, who are the loves of my life, and why I live in Madera. I have always remained friends w/Celia Bracco & Karen Grode. Andrea Stempler and I talk also. Well I see I blew the brief summary, oh well. Hope life is wonderful for everyone!!


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