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Samuel Schwartz

Marlton, NJ
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2nd from left at the 30th Reunion 2002

2nd from left at the 30th Reunion 2002


I was married for 10 years, and I have a son who is 101/2 Daniel. I went to George Washington Univ. for Political Science and went on to Maxwell School at Syracuse University for a Masters of Public Administration. I worked for a while as an Assistant Planner at NYC Dept. of Transportation. I studied some main frame computer programming courses while working odd jobs. More recently I was in magazine distribution at TV Guide in Radnor, PA. I live in Marlton,NJ about 15 miles SE of Philadelphia. While my career sucess has certainly not been stellar I have improved as a person. I am still into Liberal Politics, although I have little faith in most politicians, and into Rock and Jazz music. I am not as wild as I used to be but am more spiritual and try to seek what my Higher Power's will for me is and try to carry it out. I am still into my Jewish faith. So I am content mostly even if not fully satisfied in every area of life. I would enjoy hearing from anyone if they wish to contact me. I may, not sure be up in Great Neck for the reunion on 5.15. I am particularly interested in hearing from Tommy Kleins, Richard Chawes, Danny Belenky or Eric Schweitzer as I hung out with them during school. My email is joynfree@aol.com so contact me if you wish. Thank you George, for all your hard work in keeping everyone in contact and arranging these reunions. Peace & Love-SAM Schwartz


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