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Sheryl Bakst (Meddin)

Atlanta, Georgia

Although I hadnt a clue as to what the South was all about, I headed to Atlanta after graduating High School and went to Emory University where I graduated from in 1976. More than 32 years later (!!!), I still live in Atlanta. Right after graduation I married Stuart - (we met at Emory) from Charleston, South Carolina. I never dreamed Id marry a southerner! Right after college, I worked for two years as a real estate paralegal for a law firm in Atlanta. I decided that being a lawyer wasnt exactly what I wanted to do and somehow or other began baking cheesecakes for sale to restaurants out of my tiny little kitchen in midtown Atlanta.
In December, 1979, I (with a partner who became my best friend) opened a dessert restaurant in Atlanta called The Dessert Place. Between 1979 and 1996 (when I sold the business), we owned and operated 4 Dessert Place restaurants along with a large wholesale business including Starbucks and a local coffee franchise called Caribou Coffee. We also owned a cookie franchise that operated in the Cellar in Macys for many years as well. After selling the business in 1997, my partner and I published a dessert cookbook called Stressed is Just Desserts Spelled Backwards.
In between opening Dessert Place restaurants, I had a son (Shea) in 1986 and a daughter (Marisa) in 1988. After owning The Dessert Place for 17 years, I sold the business to be a full time mom. Great choice for me. I needed a break from working 60 hour weeks for so long!
During the last 5-6 years Ive become involved in all sorts of volunteer work. I work several days/month in the Juvenile Court working mostly with foster kids, foster parents, DFACS etc. trying to figure out whether these kids should remain in foster care or return to their biological parents. Agonizing work but really worthwhile! It reminds me each time Im there of just how lucky I am!
In addition, Ive done a ton of volunteer work at a private school in Atlanta (Paideia) where my kids attend. Ive just published a community cookbook (American Pi) at their school which will raise funds for their financial aid program.
Unbelievably enough, Im also still married to Stuart 28 years this June, when I also turn 50. Where did all the years go???
My son Shea is headed to college in the fall Syracuse of all places. So maybe Ill get to NY a bit more often now that hell be there! My daughter, Marisa, is a sophomore in high school. Both of my kids are quite athletic. Watching kids sports has also been a huge part of my life over the past 10 years.
For those of you who remember my family - my three brothers, Peter, Kenny and Evan all live in NYC with wives and children. My sister Trish (formerly known as Patti) lives in Los Angeles. My parents are both alive and live in Rancho Mirage, California.
Writing this bio was a really hard thing to do. It makes me understand that Ill never write an autobiography.
It would take me forever! Hopefully this info will catch you up a bit. But it doesnt even begin to tell you who I really am today!
It doesnt look likely that Ill make the 50th bday bash in Great Neck this May. I hope to make it to the 40th reunion though. I look forward to seeing all of you sometime in the near future!


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