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Steven Ferber

Scottsdale, AZ
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Living in sunny Scottsdale Arizona and loving it - except when it's 115 degrees outside like it was today! Scottsdale is a mini Great Neck just hotter. Moved here 11 years ago from Oyster Bay, Long Island with my wife Lori of 25 years and three children. We have two girls, one 20 yrs old (at Arizona State University) and the second 18 yrs old (at Babson College in Massachusetts) and one boy 14.
Spent a couple of decades as an owner or partner in the newspaper and magazine publishing business. Now semi-retired, in Mergers & Acquisitions and Investment Banking.
Spend the rest of my time running around the U.S. and Canada like a nut twice a month with my son who is a goalie on an ice hockey team. In fact, I'm writing this from a hotel room in Toronto. Pretty funny since I grew up with my parents always saying that only the "hoods" and kids from the "wrong side of the track" in Great Neck played hockey.


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