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Terry Gaines

Portland, OR
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My son Nathan

My son Nathan

In Phoenix - July 2005

In Phoenix - July 2005


OK… here’s the reader’s digest synopsis of 30 some years.

Some would say that I’ve dropped off the face of the earth over the years (which was true), and it’s funny but when I read George Orwell’s book “1984” the phrase “Big brother is watching you” meant something sinister to me… who was to know that I would find myself in an industry that I was part of that.

When I left Great Neck I ended up in Miami for 9 years… was a starting fullback for UM and should have played professional football… but got injured so that ended rather abruptly. Instead I ended up being a bank officer for a while until I moved on to Boston, a wonderful city and I actually really miss that place… living in Back Bay was exciting and I worked for an old money bank in Brookline.

Later in the 80’s I got an itch one evening over dinner with friends to move to California, and 2 weeks later was on a plane headed for San Francisco. Stayed in banking for a while but got heavily into real estate… I did the Oakland, Walnut Creek & Marin thing until 1987 when I moved to Houston Texas. People ask me why I would do such a thing, and my best guess is that my parents had retired there (the first time), and that the weather was great…NOT!

I worked for Continental Airlines for a whole lot of years… saw the world and handled legal stuff around the country for them. This is where things get a little squirrelly… I started my first computer company in 1990; yeah I’m a dot com guy. Lots of success there and then I decided to get married and move to the Pacific Northwest in 2001, just when the dot com bubble decided to burst.

I’m currently in Portland OR, divorced… but I have a really beautiful son from that union. For those of you who haven’t been up in this part of the country… Mother Nature did a fantastic job up here, its well worth the trip.

I haven’t kept in touch with too many people, but that’s going to change (Roberta… you have been a god send). I had what some would consider a rather serious medical episode back in May of this year, and I now have lowered the veil of secrecy that I built up over the years. The latest picture was taken back in July while I was re-cooperating at my parent’s home in Scottsdale just before I returned to Portland.

That’s it for 500 words or less….


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