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Thomas Glynn (Mixon)

Sunrise, FL
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David Einsidler & Me at Florida Mini 2004

David Einsidler & Me at Florida Mini 2004

Died Jan 10 2015
I went undiagnosed with a genetic illness in my brain until I was 39 years old. I graduated from high school, but never went to college. It wasnĖt a choice, I couldnĖt function emotionally enough to cope with it. I was put on different drugs that were pretty much being tested. For a time I did very well and worked in food and beverage as a manager. Then I moved to Boston where I got a job as a phone operator at Brigham and Womans Hospital. Within three years I was the materials manager for the Beth Israel Deaconnes Hospitals. I continued with this position for 10 years until I was again diagnosed with a disease that is manageable but difficult. I left Boston for Ft Lauderdale five years ago. I was given medications for the ailment that plagued my whole life about seven years ago and have been doing well. I am continuing to battle my new ailment with great success. I ride with a bike group on runs and thoroughly enjoy the lifestyle. I donĖt have a bike myself, the cost and all, but live very simply and happily. Currently I work in data processing for a travel company. I changed my last name twelve years ago to my mothers maiden name of Mixson. If you remember I came from a divorced family, living in the Terrace. I felt that my mother raised me under difficult circumstances, so why carry my fathers name. Hope to see you all at the different events George has going on. I am very friendly and play well with others.

Thomas died on January 10, 2014....He suffered a stroke in early September, which caused some organ damage that he just could not come back from. We celebrated his 60th birthday in August with the entire family, and shortly after, he fell ill. He lived in Holly Hill, Fla.....He will be greatly missed.
John Glynn
Thomas was a very close friend of my sister and I growing up. He was a fun loving person and had a great sense of
Humor. We reconnected a few years back. He always made me laugh and always made me feel good about myself. I will always keep him in my heart.
Sue Codispoti
I knew him since Catholic School. He was a great friend. We used to hang out at the Terrace Apartments where he lived, and then down at the "swamps". It was a great hangout place. Then we would all walk into town and hang out at the bowling alley and pizza place. OMG,,,,yes, lots of memories, fun and laughs. I had not seen him since high school until you had the reunion in 2004. I was so excited to see him at that time, and glad I did.
I believe he took his mothers maiden name...Mixon later in his life. OH, that makes me sad to hear that. You can add my thoughts to the Memoriam. Thank you for letting me know.
Patricia "Mimi" LeBer Whitaker


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