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mr Todd Stimmel

new york, ny
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30th Reunion 2002

30th Reunion 2002

My 18 y.o. daughter Samantha and I at her debutante ball over thanksgiving 2005

My 18 y.o. daughter Samantha and I at her debutante ball over thanksgiving 2005


almost 50, but then you are, too. lol. got married during law school to andrea. been married now for 25 years. just had my son, harry's bar mitzvah...at a polo club where he and his sister, samantha, 16, ride competitively....spent 15 yrs at wall street law firms doing corporate finance and then became partners with a client to do venture capital (mostly seed stage) and now have moved to being the ceo in a series of companies where the founder used up his/her usefulness to the venture. since 2000, ceo of stage iii technologies, an aerospace development company in la jolla, ca (near san diego), where i now live half time, whose first product will be launched in mid 2004...a noise suppressor (hushkit) for the older gulfstream business jets to combat the current noise restrictions adopted by the faa and local airports here and abroad.

interesting to me that my memories of growing up in gn remain so fond and vital given how long ago it was...there really is no comparable period of my life where i felt i knew people and they were so much a part of my make up....despite the fact that i really don't keep up with anyone.

the reunions are special to me and love to hear from and about people. amazing who had crushes on whom and never said anything....youth is wasted on the young, huh?

the emails on here seem to create viruses. my email is todd@tstimmel.com


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