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Warren Josephson

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Me between Einie and Jimmy Elkind 2009

Me between Einie and Jimmy Elkind 2009


Greetings to all. Iíve kept a low profile from the 10th reunion until the recent mini-get together in Great Neck where I reconnected with my old Russell Garden buddies Rich Fantel and Jim Elkind, and my soccer colleague, Dave Einseidler. So now that Iíve ďemergedĒ, Iíll provide a brief personal update. I live in Short Hills, NJ, am married with 4 children (ages 25 to 14). Iím a partner at Accenture, a large technology, consulting, outsourcing company. I had spent 25 years as an attorney (Govít, Law Firm, In-House), and am now on the business side, responsible for selling large technology deals. My wife and I enjoy traveling, cycling, and I still have a passion for history Ė fond memories of Mr. Wheeler in the 10th Grade. I get to Great Neck frequently Ė my folks still live there. Hope to see more of you at a future event.


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