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Walter Seaman

Iowa City, IA
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A photo from 2000 or 2001

A photo from 2000 or 2001

Me with my favorite parrot, Citrus

Me with my favorite parrot, Citrus


After GNS graduation I got a B.A. in 1976 at Beloit College (small liberal arts school in Wisconsin). There I met the love of my life, Camille.
After college graduation I worked for my dad for a year in NY, then married Camille and went off to grad school in math at U. Mass. Amherst. Got my math degree in 1982, spent a year in the math department at Stanford U. then came to the University of Iowa as a visitor in the (which department do you think?) math dept. Was hired on as a full-time faculty member after the visiting position and I have been at Iowa ever since. I am now an associate professor of math. Camille is on the faculty in the Communications Studies department here.
Here's my math dept web page which has lots of geometry graphics and animations:
We have two wonderful sons, Jared and Eben ages 26 and 23, both have completed college (Jared graduated from Grinnell College and Eben from Cornell U.) now and are moving on with their lives. Jared lives in Boston and Eben in Iowa City. Jared does computer programming and Eben is a musician.
At home we now have a small cat (Ace) and an amazon parrot (Citrus).
I am close with my brother Gary (GNS 1971) who still lives in NY and keeps me updated on all the GNS people he runs into in NYC and environs. I visit him and his family whenever I can. I still enjoy playing guitar.
Many thanks to George Levien for your incredible amount of work putting together web info and organizing reunions. I really hope to attend some before I hit the big 5-0 (in June YOW!!!).
Well that's past! Maybe I'll make it to a reunion before the big _6_-0!!!


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