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Sandy Greenberg

Waterloo, NY

After high school I attended the School of Natural Resources at the University of Michigan. After graduation I moved to Israel, where I lived for 11 years. I lived in Jerusalem, and most of the time I worked at Hebrew University on a joint project with the Nature Reserves Authority, and also for the Botany dept. I was mostly doing computer database work. I got married while in Israel, and returned with my husband to the States in 1987. We took up residence in Hamden, CT. I was working for a small staff model HMO, doing all sorts of reporting and database work.

I divorced in 1983, and a year later changed my name to Zohari. It is a Hebrew word meaning light or enlightenment (the Zohar is the book of Kabbalah). In 1995, I met my ex-partner, Leslie. We split up after 9 years. During that time I was working at Aetna working on small business database applications at Aetna Integrated Informatics.

After Leslie and I broke up in April 2004, I met my soul mate, Pat Schwartz. I am now living with her in the Finger Lakes region of Central New York State. After enjoying the summer in 2005 off work to get organized and settled, I started a Finger Lakes regional chapter of Women Outdoors, a non-profit organization that I belonged to in CT. Thanks to some good press, we are now the fastest growing chapter in the organization.

I was working for a while at the local BCBS health organization in Rochester, doing database work for the finance department. I am now the sole proprietor of my own database consulting company. Find out more at www.azotekdbs.com.

Besides work and Women Outdoors, I keep busy with kayaking and attending poetry and other events (Pat is a published poet).


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