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Nickie Berglas (Molle)

Putnam Valley, NY
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With old friends Leeor, Roberta, Myself, Lois & Amy

With old friends Leeor, Roberta, Myself, Lois & Amy

Isabelle & David 2004

Isabelle & David 2004


George, This is for you - finally.

Growing up in Great Neck I never would have, could have imagined where my life would take me. In 1973 I was told that the house was for sale and that we were moving to Europe. My reaction was !@#$%&*()_+??? This wasn't what I wanted to to do. I continued my BA in art history at the American College of Paris. The program was wonderful but was perfectly happy to leave Paris at the end. I was supposed to return to do my Masters at George Washington University but wound up spending altogether 8 1/2 years living abroad, including West Berlin.

Timing is everything and friends like Bonnie Cohen, Carol Behrendt and her family, Susan Friedman and her family provided me with enough assurance to move back. On August 22, 1982 that is what I did. Along with these friends I also cherish my frienship with Amy Matsil and seeing Lois Beck. George, because of you I have been reunited with Emily Blumenstein, Roberta Ripportella and Laura Morris. For that I am truly grateful.

Life wasn't easy but eventually went back to school and graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in '91. I then married. I met my husband Andre in the kitchen of the Hotel Carlyle in NYC. He was the Executive Sous Chef there for almost 17 years. He is now the Executive Chef at a wonderful french restaurant in South Salem, NY called Le Chateau. As for my culinary career - it's on the back burner since our kids David, 12 years old and Isabelle, 10 years old were born. For now I just enjoy cooking for friends, being on the executive board of my synagogue and teaching the little kids. I also work part-time and spend many hours chauffering my children. Putnam Valley is a beautiful place to live.


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