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Brian Ernstoff MD

Pittsburgh, PA

WOW, What's happened in the almost 30 years.
In short, I went to college at Tulane. Don't remember much other than 4 Mardi Gras. Ended up going to med school and specializing in Physiatry(Rehabilitation). Move to Philadelphia where I meet my wife Susan and got married in 88. We had an extended honeymoon since we moved to Sweden for 6 months. I had the chance to study and do some research. We have 2 kids, Jeremy and Zachary, ages 12 and 13. Second Bar Mitzvah is around the corner in January/05.
Will be joining a practice in a month or two to practice pain management. We are having a great time living in Pittsburgh. Didn't expect to end up here, but have live in the steel city since 1990.
We love to travel. Actually was back in Great Neck and that felt very strange.
Hope the next thirty years are as much fun as the last.


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