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Theresa Levane Mrs. (VanLierop)

Irmo, S>C>

As you may remember I left GNS in the summer of 10th grade. We moved to Syosset where I graduated high school. I traveled to many places where I took up residence and enjoyed a free lanced lifestyle. One of my favorite places was a sailboat in the Bahamas and in the caribbean islands. Then a friend talked me into moving to Vermont where I lived and worked in resturants for six years. I also enjoyed the pleasures of cross country skiing and frequent skating on Lake Champlain. I met my husband Ed in 1980 and we married in 1982. He reenlisted in the USAF and we were stationed in NM where we had our two beautiful children Jeremy and Alicia. We had the pleasure of living in Okinawa Japan for 3 years which we absolutely loved and enjoyed every minute. It was like living in little Hawaii and as I have a love for the ocean it suited me just fine. We retired from AF life in 1995 and are residing in SC where I work as a resturant manager. We love nature and the outdoors and love to photograph any and everything God has created. We have two kittens who we adore as our kids are very social and we don't see much of them anymore. Oh well I guess I was the same at that age.... I still stay in touch with MIMI LEBER, Susan Codispoti, Patty Eldon, and Vicki Tagg who is also my first cousin.... My beloved brother Neil who was a basketball star at GNS passed away suddenly Dec.1,2002. He is greatly missed by all of us who knew and loved him with all our hearts.. Your older brothers or sisters probably knew him. his jersey #22 is retired in the GNS gym. All my other family members are alive and doing well. I hope to be celebrating my 50th birthday with the people who I love and who love me. That is the most important thing to me. Thanks for reading and have a BLESSED day. Theresa Levane VanLierop


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