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Jeff Scharlin

Venice Beach, CA
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July 2003 at Whistler/Blackcomb outside Vancouver

July 2003 at Whistler/Blackcomb outside Vancouver

Vancouver   2003

Vancouver 2003

After graduating high school I attended an Art school in New York City for a semester. This move was driven by the inspiration I got from my art teacher in my senior year. She helped me open up my creative side and the dream born at that time, was to become a graphic designer.

While I was attending art school Norm Sandler was working on me to move to Arizona with him. He had visited a friend during the summer break, fell in love with the place and wanted to move there. He didn't want to go alone so, he spent months trying to convince me it would be a great thing to do. I was still living in Great Neck at the time, felt I needed a change , so off we went in January of 1973.

I took the spring semester off, working and getting to know Tucson. There couldn't have been a more different place than Great Neck. But at 18 you see life through different eyes. The change was great...I was on my own.

I went to a junior college for two years to study Art & Design and get the basics out of the way. During that time I found my true calling, Landscape Architecture. So I transferred to The University of Arizona (Still in Tucson) and studied Landscape Architecture. During my second year there I started a design/construction business with a friend I had met in class and we worked and went to school simultaneously. It was great, I got a hands on education in the field and an academic education at the same time.

Because I had developed a successful business, I just took my time with college and eventually graduated in 1981. I moved up to Phoenix (Wasn't hot enough in Tucson I guess) for about 9 months. But by then I'd finally had enough of Arizona, needed a change again and decided to move to Los Angeles in January of 1982.

I'm still living in Los Angeles, currently in Venice Beach. I recently (Jan/03) gave up the business side (But not my own personal love) of designing, it just wasn't fun any more. I'm currently teaching martial arts. You see ever since I originally moved to Arizona over 30 years ago, I have been training in various martial arts....it was my other passion. About 7 years ago I started teaching along side of my Landscape business and then finally decided to go to full time teaching.

Sometimes you just have to go with what makes you happy. I get a great reward out of teaching and the training has always kept me in great shape. The martial art I teach is Bruce Lee's art of Jeet Kune Do. I've been involved with it since 1987 now and of all the arts I've studied, I feel this one allows you the best opportunity to explore your own personal, self expression.

In closing, I'd like to say many thanks to George. With out his tireless effort in putting the reunions and the website together we wouldn't have the ability to revisit our high school years and possibly connect with old friends. I missed the 50th bash because I was coming into New York to attend a wedding just 2 weeks later. So I hope to possibly see some of you at the next event.

Take care,

Jeff Scharlin


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