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Fred Klein

Potomac, Md

I never made it to 12th grade - at least not at Great Neck South. My parents moved to Cumberland, Maryland, after I finished the 9th grade. From there, I headed to Duke University and the University of Miami Law School (where Robin Buckner and I were classmates).

Moved to Washington DC in 1980, and have been in DC ever since, practicing commercial real estate law in a large law firm, DLA Piper.

Met my wife, Jill, in June 1982, on a blind date in Brooklyn! Had basically burned through every available prospect in the Washington area, so I went back to my roots to find true love. First talked marriage during Labor Day weekend in Chatham (Cape Cod), MA (more on that later), and we were married at Tavern on the Green in Central Park the following July.

Our 3 offspring are Max (age 28 - now living in Beijing, China, and working for Intel after graduating from Cornell), Sam (age 25 - now an aerospace engineer working in Denver, after graduating from Duke) and Susie (age 22 - a senior at Pitzer College in Claremont CA). No grandchildren yet. My wife Jill is an assistant dean in the business school at American University in DC. We live in Potomac MD and are active in our synagogue. Jill and I have worked extensively with Operation Embrace, a non-profit group that gives aid to victims of terrorism in Israel.

Since spending that first fateful weekend in Cape Cod in 82, we have returned many times, and a few years ago, we built a little cottage in East Orleans, MA, a few miles from where we first talked marriage. It's peaceful and relaxing and we get up there whenever we can. If you're in the neighborhood during the summer months, please give us a call - (508.240.3664).

Thanks to George, we connected with Marc Levine and his wife Susan a couple of years ago and have seen each other occasionally in NY and Massachusetts.

I'm in NY frequently for business and have dragged my kids and wife to Great Neck on several occasions - accompanied by the usual "this is boring" lament when our kids were teenagers.

Thanks for including me in this, notwithstanding my dropout status.


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