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Wendy Sager (Evanson)

Truth or Consequences, NM
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pilgrimage to Thailand 2004

pilgrimage to Thailand 2004

husband George  and colleague let loose

husband George and colleague let loose


I live in southern NM, in Truth or Consequences. real small quirky town of 7,000, funky and fun, full of hot mineral springs, good clean air, and with a speed limit of 25mph, most folks drive well into their nineties, whether they can still see or not.
I have a sweet yoga studio where I teach a variety of movement classes, have dance parties, meditation groups and make enough money to pay the rent.
Professionally I have been a massage therapist since 1981, and am registered movement therapist. Prior to that had a career in nursing.
I have just returned from Thailand, where I studied Thai massage, and herbal medicine, if I can, will send a photo of me and the elephants, or another , more recent snapshot. Hope to return for more study soon. Accessability to natural health care is a passion. Drumming, Dance and Nature bring me most joy.

I'm married to George Evanson, after years of free fall and adventure, married in 1997! Wonderful step son John and partner Elisabeth now family.

The dance and bodywork world connected me with Gary Einsidler, via cyberspace, last year. He and my younger brother John were pals in high school.......this was the first connection to Great Neck since leaving in 1972!

Spent my 50th with family , seeing Circe du Soliel, and visiting my magical adopted godmother in her nursing home in Dallas, where I gave her mala beads from Thailand, pictures of the Virgen de Guadalupe for her wall and carrot juice.

anyway, it is so great to see all the photos, and experience the instant
thoughts and flashbacks associated! How people "look", "feel" quite the same. Honestly, have been surprised by the pleasure of all the reminiscing! I wish you all well,& George, thanks for your time and energy in pulling this together.


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