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Brian Winthrop

Roxbury, CT
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Skiing with Mariella

Skiing with Mariella


1. I went to Boston University and then to SUNY @ Stony Brook.
2. My wife and I have our own event production company. We produce private and corporate events throughout the world. www.bigwaveint.com
3. We have lived in Manhattan and for the past decade in Litchfield County, CT.
4. Married with three children. Ian 15, Jeffrey 12 and Veronica 8. I have a 22 year old daughter from a previous marriage who just graduated Skidmore and brought home a (we were estranged)a surprise bundle, a six month old named, Rafe.--Hi grandpa.
5. My dad died five years ago at the age of 79 and my mom lives in Boynton Beach, FL.
6. We have a Leonberger, three horses, one cat, two bunnies and two birds.
7. We love to read, cook and entertain.
8. We enjoy skiing, wind surfing, horse back riding and swimmming (3x weekly), has become my passion.
9. Movies are great but.... I just finished One Hundred Years of Solitude.
10. I got a holiday card from Jon Berger, regularly speak with Michael Heller's brother David and get together with Chuck Kaulfman fairly regularly.

My wife's name is Mariella. We met twenty-one year's ago in a dance club in Key West the day after Thanksgiving. She is Swiss and was traveling the States with a friend of hers. I was traveling with my brother on business while going through a horrible divorce. I asked Mariella to dance, we went on one romantic date in Key West and agreed to meet in NYC three days later as she and her friend were going to travel back to Switzerland. Instead, her friend flew back and she moved into my apartment. She flew back to Switzerland two weeks before Christmas. She called me and invited me to meet her parents and go skiing with her family. Of course I accepted and immediately flew up to Grey Rocks in Canada for one week of intense skiing. I asked Mariella how she skied and she said she and her three sisters all skied "fast". That was very intimidating to a macho American. The rest is history.


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