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Lawrence Kohn MD

Syracuse, NY
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Me & the kids

Me & the kids


I Graduated GNS, went to George Washington and got a BS in Zoology and Psychology. Went to medical school, internship and residency in Internal Medicine at SUNY Upstate Medical Center.

Met my wife Karen, an OBGYN resident while in my last year in med school. Been married 28 years this May 2011. We both have private medical practices, and my practice is devoted to diabetes care, and I consult and advise on diabetes protocols for a local hospital.

As of 2011, our daughter is a Geology major at SUNY Geneseo and son is in his 3rd year of his PhD in biochem at Emory.

My lifelong hobby of electronic tinkering evolved into computers then programming. I wrote all the software that runs my practice.

Lately I have become a personal fitness fanatic after winning a bet that I could successfully complete P90x. This is likely a shock to all who remember me! I am now a forceful advocate for personal fitness as a goal for personal health with my diabetic-overweight-hypertensive-hyperlipidemic-sleep apneic-chronically fatigued patients.


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