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David Greenberg

Portland, OR
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I went to Reed College, studied Philosophy of Religion, and graduated in 1976. Since then I have lived in Portland, Oregon. I am a professional children's book author. All of my writing is in verse.
Some of my titles are SLUGS, BUGS!, SKUNKS!, SNAKES!, WHATEVER HAPPENED TO HUMPTY DUMPTY?, THE BOOK OF BOYS FOR GIRLS - THE BOOKS OF GIRLS FOR BOYS, DON'T FORGET YOUR ETIQUETTE. I travel all over the world giving readings from my works. I also am director of an agency that places authors in schools (www.authorsillustrators.com) and the Oregon Coast Children's Book Writers Workshop (www.occbww.com).

I'm married and have one son, Sam, 16 and saucy. I also have a dog, Anubis, to whom I've granted double-O status which, of course, gives her the license to kill. She may only kill those who are wicked though and has thus far concentrated her attention on the next door neighbor's cat.

My mother is alive though with Alzheimer's and my father is still frisky, teaching full-time at Columbia Law School, writing a book on Kafka, and lecturing internationally.

I swim two miles a day, read voraciously, and am a passionate cook.

I visit Great Neck now and then. For all the change, it's still essentially the same.


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