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Barry Seligman

hampden, ma.

I am glad to be reconnecting with some old friends from GNS. I was a transplant from Virginia in my senior year and except for some minor teasing about my alleged southern accent, have very fond memories of my year at South and met some really great people.

I am currently single after a twenty yr. marriage and I have three great children who live with me. Ben is twenty two and just graduated from U.R.I., Stephen is twenty and is living at home, "finding himself", I tell him this is O.K., but I wish he would at least start looking!! My daughter Viki is fourteen and is going into the ninth grade next year.

I am a school adjustment counselor(go figure) and I have been in same elementary school for the last fifteen years. I love working with kids!

My children and I live in the country with our cats, kiss, Stella & Anchovi, my dog Moonshine and Scruffy the horse.

Hope to see you sometime!!!



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