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Dr Jonathan Thomas Lord

Miami Beach, FL
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Alice and "Jack"

Alice and "Jack"


I left GNS in my junior year to go to the University of Miami. I stayed through 78 when I graduated medical school. I was in the Navy for 11 years, where I did my residency and fellowship in forensic pathology. From the Navy I have had a fantastically diverse career in healthcare and have lived in Southern California, Annapolis MD, Chicago, Louisville, London England, and now the Bay area. We have homes in Menlo Park Ca, Louisville and on Fisher Island Fl (which we consider our "real" home). I am remarried as of 2002, and we have a blended family of 6 kids (3 boys and 3 girls). We are avid golfers and belong to clubs in Louisville (Louisville Country Club), Miami (Indian Creek and Fisher Island), and exploring clubs in the Bay Area.
I started to reconnect with people from GNS via Facebook recently - that led to coffee with Thom Maslow, Facebook chats with Michael Rabinowitz. . and looking for more connections
Today I am Chief Exec of Navigenics - we are the premier provider of personalized genetic testing, giving people insights about their "health" future through analysis of their DNA.
I really enjoy the chance to reconnect and go down "memory" lane - and now that I have found this site usually get on it during conference calls. George has done a great job and delivered a wonderful service to all of us! Thanks!


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