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Laurie Reeves

Amherst, NY

Time for an update: After high school I went to Grinnell College in Iowa. After graduating and a short stay in Minneapolis I moved to Costa Rica for 3 years where I worked in the field of botany and taught in a bilingual school. Returning to the States I lived in NYC for awhile and then moved in 1980 to Buffalo NY where I married, completed a Masters Degree in Bilingual Education, had 3 children, got divorced, and still live. After many years teaching Spanish and piano,I now teach ESL to adults. It is the most rewarding job I've ever had. The classes are intensive (almost 4 hours, 4 times a week) and the students come from over 15 countries.
My children are Michael (25) who is finishing his Masters Degree in Physical Education and lives in Buffalo, Allison (22) who graduated from college a semester early and is currently in Chile teaching English in a high school(she was there during the Feb. 2010 earthquake!!), and Benjamin (19) who is a sophmore at Carleton College in Minnesota planning to spend next semester in Bosnia, Serbia, and Croatia.
I left Great Neck South after my junior year, and somehow have not been back for many years. Maybe because while I was in college my parents moved to NYC.I love to travel, run, bike, swim, garden, go to the movies,read, and learn languages(I'm working on Portuguese right now).


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