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Robin Sesan

Wilmington, DE
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My "professional" self

My "professional" self

Sarah, Me, Alex 2010

Sarah, Me, Alex 2010


I have two children, Sarah 22 (just graduated from University of Delaware ) Alex, 18(first year student at Cornell). See Photo:
I am a licensed psychologist with a great practice. www.brandywinecenter.com
Some hobbies of mine are quilting, knitting, jewelry making, painting old furniture, art collecting.
I spin, power walk and practice yoga to stay in shape and remain sane.
I love to cook, eat, go to Cape Cod and Washington, DC.
I recently connected with Bob Myers on Facebook - but that's about it. I wasn't too "popular" in High School.
I was really sad to see how many of our classmates have died. It's quite sobering.
I practice gratitude everyday.
I have a house I'd love to rent to former classmates, on or off season.


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