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Thea Liss

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I've been all over really in the last 40 yrs. I got married at 15 - moved to California and stayed there for a while. Had 2 kids and got divorced about 22 yrs ago after moving back to NY - remarried in "97 and lived in Port Washington for a long while and 6 months ago moved to Manhasset. I work at North Shore Hospital and met Andrea's sister-in-law and found out that Andrea lives in Florida with her daughter who I know is handicapped. Jane and I keep in touch but she's really the only person from school that I do keep in touch with. Remember Ria? She came out to California to live with me. She and I had a fight 34 yrs ago and she never spoke to me again after that. I miss her still to this day.

So now I am a grandmother of 6 beautiful kids - 3 boys, 3 girls. Own several businesses and things are good.


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