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Alumni may submit links to their websites.
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Bonnie Morgenstern Travis This is my 28th year of teaching Sp. Ed. My husband Dann is a senior Pastor and worship leader of a growing Penecostal Church. My son Bryan has followed my footsteps in teaching. Heather is in her 4th year of Med School and Jon is doing his internship at SUNY Binghamton. I can't believe how many years have gone by. As I looked at your pictures I realized its time to make the next reunion. God bless. Feel free to contact me. Bonnie
Bruce Resnick's company Info. This is my companys web sight. This is out 19th year in business. I couldn't help but notice Jon Taffers' site. I couldn't help myself. I had to post it. It's amazing to see how respectable some of us turned out to be. I never would have believed it, if it hadn't happened to me too.
Bruce's condo for rent Here's some photos of my condo for rent in Costa Rica
Class of "69" To all alumni of the class of '72 who may have siblings or friends from the class of '69: Alumni from the class of '69 have started an e-newsletter for their class. If you would like to receive it, please send an e-mail to dianesilverman@optonline.net
ComicCollectors.net Hello to all my former classmates, well, to at least any of you who remember me, as I spent most of my hours in captivity at G.N. South outside the GP room, or in the woods doing you know what. My entire experience at G.N.South was a very stressful and unhappy experience for me. But fortunately, I gravitated to comic books. Seeing that as the only thing worthy of reading at the time, I literally learned to read, write, and speak from Marvel Comics, and most fortunately, have made it a viable business for 34 years now! Good luck to all, and especially to my old comic book reading buddies, Scott Fields and Steve Howe!! Marnin Rosenberg
Great Neck North 72 Our friends across town.
History of Great Neck From the Great Neck Chamber
The Word Exchange Peter Granatt's wife Cara is a writer--a published author and speaker--and has now created her own business writing for others. For years she wrote people's love stories to be read or presented at their weddings. She's also written eulogies (for people and pets) and is now writing a memoir for a woman's 88th birthday in August. Her company is called The Word Exchange and we're discovering that the most popular audience is the Baby Boomer generation--primarily, those wanting memoirs for their parents. Check out her website. But we thought about writing to you and our New York contingency because of the age we all have reached. Our parents are aging--and we are, too! So this is the time to create legacies for the next generation...
Wendy Hollender-WH ART & DESIGN I am a botanical artist. This is my website which has my paintings,prints,note cards, custom printed silk scarves and tote bags. Check it out.I am represented at a gallery in Great Neck called Posters, Now and Than on Middle Neck Road.

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