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In Memoriam

If you have any information on the life of these classmates, please forward it to George.

Charles Altman
Chuck Altman was living in South Africa when he died sometime during the 80's.

Need more information;

Paul Anik Paul S. Anik died of a heart attack on January 27. He was a business transactions attorney by day and a mystery fanatic by night. He was 54.

June 20, 1954 Jan. 27, 2009. Beloved husband of Barbara, father to Vanessa and Ben, brother to Andrew and Arthur, son-in-law of Selma and Arnold Patent. Growing up in New York,
He was a much loved and highly respected partner of several major Los Angeles law firms including Mitchell, Silberberg and Knupp, Alschuler Grossman Stein and Kahan, and, most recently, Dreier, Stein and Kahan.Paul came to Southern California in the late 1970 s to pursue a highly successful general business transactional law practice, specializing in the computer services industries. Paul was originally, and always remained, a Brooklyn boy. He collected and reviewed mystery novels, was a wine enthusiast, played many sports, was an avid photographer and had a passion for musical theatre. He was a tireless volunteer at Temple Aliyah of Woodland Hills. Paul lived his life fully, vibrantly and with passion. Known for his Rice Krispie treats and pancake breakfasts, he had a cousin in every port and knew someone wherever he traveled. His sudden death at age 54 on January 27, 2009, was a terrible shock and has rocked the worlds of those who were lucky enough to have known him.

Here is something from our classmate Scott Fields:
The unexpected death of Paul Anik came as a terrible shock to all that knew him. He was an avid mountain biker and while riding apparently had a heart attack and died shortly after reaching the hospital on January 27th, 2009.

I met Paul in 8th grade homeroom and we became good friends. Paul graduated from Brooklyn College and moved to California with his wife Barbara Patent (GNN ’74) to attend law school and stayed there to practice law. He was a very successful attorney, but always made time to be with his family, read mystery books, and to take part in his regular tennis game. He was also very active in his community and was recognized for his contributions. Paul and Barbara had an incredible number of friends and their house was a regular meeting place. His Superbowl parties were a yearly highlight.

I did not see Paul much after he moved to Los Angeles except for the few years I lived there where our families became very close. We stayed in touch and tried to find time to get together periodically. We always made a point to celebrate major family events together. The last time I saw Paul was the summer of 2007 when my family joined Paul, Barbara and their children Vanessa and Ben on a trip to Israel. It was great to have had the chance to catch up and the trip turned out to be a lot more important than could have been realized at that time. We had started planning our next trip together just days before his death. At the funeral services, there were so many people in attendance that they could not all fit in the building. In the days following, his house was filled with family and friends and anyone who was there was aware from the stories being told how well liked Paul was and how terribly he was missed. While his life was too short, he lived it with vitality and humor. He was never one to miss an opportunity to make those around him laugh as well as befriend people he had just met. Paul was a great friend and it is difficult to believe he is no longer with us, but he will always be remembered.

1954 - 2009

Debbie Bach   Police found the body of Debbie decomposing in a bathtub in Westbury. They were tipped off to the whereabouts of the body by her boyfriend, Robert Sassone's attorney. Both she and Robert had been arrested in Suffolk County on narcotics one year prior to her death.
1954 - 1973

Pam Bauman It is with a very heavy heart that I write to you today to tell you that Pam Bauman died Wednesday, April 4 2007

The thought of that vibrant, beautiful woman being gone is devastating...almost surreal.

I know you all share in my grief.

I also know we are all reminded of the fragility of life.

Pam knew how to make the very most out of hers.

She excelled as a dancer, a psychotherapist, an executive director in non-profits, and an advocate for the arts. Even more, I know she was a devoted and loving mate to her husband and mother to her children.

Best regards to all my GNS friends.

Love, Louise Applebome

Marin County Journal
Pamela Sue Bauman Levine Died in her home on April 4 2007. Pam lived a full and rewarding life in her 52 years. She was born in Brooklyn in 1955, grew up in Great Neck, New York, and moved to the Bay Area in 1977 to complete doctoral work in Psychology. She married Dr Stephen Levine in 1982. Pam is survived by her husband, her children, her mother Diane Bauman, her sisters, Elizabeth Lundquist and Deborah Bauman and their families. Pam was exceedingly proud of her children Jacob, a UC Berkeley senior, and Sasha, a UC Davis sophomore.

After settling in San Angelo to start a family, Pam became President of RVCS now Yes Foundation, served on the Ross Valley District School Board, and went on to become Executive Director of Youth in Arts, a position that she cherished for ten years. During her tenure there, she oversaw the expansion of this non-profit organization and received extensive accolades for her contributions.

Pams soul was sweet, artistic, youthful and overflowing with love. A sculptor and dancer in her youth, she dedicated her recent years to her children and to enriching the Marin County community through the arts and arts education. Pam, a non-smoker, would have liked to give thanks to all who showed their love and support during her three-and-a-half year battle with lung cancer.

1954 - 2007

Linda Braun Linda died October 22, 2011 at her home in Galisteo , New Mexico after a courageous 10 year battle with breast cancer. She is survived by her son Ezra, brother Michael (Susan), sister Dana Vedier (Francois), and many caring friends. She was an inspiration to us all.
1954 - 2011

Janice Brown Janice Brown passed away November 27, 2010 after a couragous 3 year battle with ovarian cancer. She leaves her husband Steve and 3 children, Stefani, Brian and Cheryl. She was married to Steve Kornfeld since 1976. They have 3 children. Stefani, a graduate of Colgate University, is now enrolled in a PhD program at UPenn school of social work. Brian is a graduate of the aeronautical engineering program at University of Michigan and has an MS from the University of Florida and is living in Tampa with his fiancee, Marcy Bergner. Cheryl graduated from Washinton University in St. Louis and is enrolled is a PhD program in clinical psychology.
She leaves her two brothers, Larry and Gil and their wives, Dotty and Merri. She was a wonderful aunt and great aunt to her brothers children, Jordi, Becca, Naomi, Craig and Shana and their children Jonah 7, Talia 4, Chaya 6mo, Julian 6 mo, and Asher 3wks.
Janice went to Boston University School of Nursing and then got a MPH from BU School of Public Health. She worked as a nurse in Labor and Delivery and ran a Medical Clinic until stopping to have and raise a family. She then worked in her husbands allergy office taking care of patients with immune problems, and helping the business side also.
She enjoyed raising her family in Clearwater with its beautiful beaches, great sports teams and other recreation. She enjoyed cooking, working out, traveling, family and friends. She really loved being able to keep up with great friends from elementary school and GNS.

When I was ten years old, I moved to Lake Success, where I had to start fifth grade at a new school, Parkville. There I met Janice Brown, who soon became my best friend. We were known as Elmers Glue because we were rarely seen apart, we loved music, sports, and boys. We shared endless sleepovers where we listened to our 45s, danced in our Danskins and go go boots, and laughed about the boy girl parties we attended. We struggled to straighten our hair using Campbells soup cans. It did not matter what we did, we just enjoyed each other.
Our friendship did not weather high school and college, but we were fortunate to recapture our friendship at one of the GNS reunions 20 or 25, thanks George. We soon began to speak frequently by phone or email. Though we lived far apart, me in Albany, Janice in Tampa, we saw each other occasionally and enjoyed reminiscing. Two years ago, Janice welcomed my family and I into her home one afternoon while we were vacationing in Florida. Fatigued after completing her recent bout of chemo, she still insisted on serving us a snack. She had just discovered a box of old 45s in her brothers basement, which triggered our wonderful girlhood memories.
Our last meeting was in the spring. Janice and Fran Paltrow Loiacono visited me at my parents Lake Success home where we reminisced. That night, we had a wonderful dinner with our spouses where we planned to all gather at her Florida beach house this winter, with hopes of a miracle. It seems now as though she was revisiting her past and was coming to terms with her mortality.
The phrase battled cancer courageously has become something of a cliche, yet it truly did apply to Janice. Throughout her illness, she remained sunny, upbeat, and optimistic, she never complained. She was surrounded by a loving and supportive family and network of friends who will miss her greatly, as I surely will.
Bonnie Spar Goldberg
1954 - 2010

Linda Cherney 
Linda Cherney, animal rescuer, died Saturday, August 11, 2001 after a prolonged illness. diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis seven years ago, she had just turned 47 in April. Linda's life was remarkable. Her compassion and love for homeless animals and wanting to give something back to the community, provided the impetus for her and her husband, Bob Blake, to found Beingkind, an animal rescue and adoption organization in NYC. Founded in 1987, Beingkind was one of the first of its kind, eventually becoming incorporated. She cared about all animal issues.
Linda was truly a remarkable person and she will be missed.
1954 - 2001

William Cummings Billy was killed December 1983 as a result of an auto accident. He was the passenger and the driver was drunk. The driver survived (as always).
Submitted by Robert Reecks
1954 - 1983

Steven Feinerman Steve Feinerman went off to the University of Hartford. He was a passenger in his car. While being driven back to his dorm in the Spring of his sophmore year the auto drove head on into a tree.

George, This is sort of crazy but I attended the University of Hartford with Steve and the other fatality in that car; Phil Olinsky from the 5 towns.
I was on line and saw a site with Steves HS photo. I grew up in Westbury. I played recreational basketball with Phil but also knew Steve. I remember the event like it was yesterday, after all I was only 17 or 18 and something like that is hard to forget plus it was so surreal at the time, as it is now.
There was a survivor as I remember, can see his face but forgot his name. I think he was from CT, but cant be sure.
Many of us went to see the car and it was brutal. Hair in the windshield, mostly Phil’s. He had long blonde hair.
Until this day not really sure what happened but the stories then were it was late, they were high and they were either chasing or racing, but to me it did not much matter. Just a bad event.
Take care. They were so young with so much promise. Way too bad! March 2015

Mark Kreindler
President & Co-Founder
PO BOX 2391 DANVILLE, CA 94526
925 915 9393

Would like more specifics concerning Stevens short life:
contact George Levien skigeorge@mindspring.com

1954 - 1974

Tommy Ford   Tommy and I spent some time together at NY Tech in Westbury 1973 or 74. We had some good times and he was a nice guy.
He worked in TV as cameraman including a brief stint with NY Yankees TV crew, maybe 3 years or so I think, before he passed on. He aquired a rapid and fatal disease, known as Babesiosis. He was married with 2 children.
submitted by Gary Seaman, Walter Seamans brother
Whitey Fords Son Dead at 44
Aug 9 99
MANHASSET NY Thomas Ford a son of Hall of Fame pitcher Whitey Ford, died Monday at North Shore Hospital. He was 44.
Ford who lived on Long Island died of a heart condition, according to Jason Zillo, a spokesman for the New York Yankees, his fathers former team.
After attending Broward Community College and New York Tech, Ford worked as a cameraman for WPIX, then the Yankees flagship station. At the time of his death, he owned several Blockbuster Video stores.
In addition to his father, he is survived by his mother Joan, daughter Lauren, son Sean, brother Eddie and sister Sally Clancy.

1954 - 1999

David Garcia David was a victim of the World Trade Center disaster.
Marsh and McLennan consultant from Allegiance Group
1954 - 2001

Wendy Eichholz Gay  
Wendy was a devoted woman, in both her work and her personal life. She passed away 2 weeks before her 55th birthday, after a three year battle with lung cancer.

Her dedication to her career was evidenced by her distinction of having worked for thirty eight years, as a buyer for B.O.C.E.S. School of Nassau County. Her fellow workers expressed their appreciation for her work ethic by honoring her with the largest retirement party in the history of the school. Her absence will be sincerely felt by all she worked with.

In her personal life, Wendy was devoted to Marie, her life-partner of twenty years. Among the many interests that they shared, was a passion for motorcycles and for their award winning PT Cruiser, which took many trophies at regional car shows. Wendy loved New Hyde Park. Wendy and Marie settled down and bought a home there. Wendy also loved animals. She would find strays and if she couldn’t keep them always found a home for them.

Wendy was my sister and best friend. I miss her terribly.
Her loving presence is dearly missed by all.

Francine Gay Pearson

1954 - 2009

Thomas Glynn / Mixon Thomas died on January 10, 2014....He suffered a stroke in early September, which caused some organ damage that he just could not come back from. We celebrated his 60th birthday in August with the entire family, and shortly after, he fell ill. He lived in Holly Hill, Fla.....He will be greatly missed.
John Glynn
Thomas was a very close friend of my sister and I growing up. He was a fun loving person and had a great sense of
Humor. We reconnected a few years back. He always made me laugh and always made me feel good about myself. I will always keep him in my heart.
Sue Codispoti
I knew him since Catholic School. He was a great friend. We used to hang out at the Terrace Apartments where he lived, and then down at the "swamps". It was a great hangout place. Then we would all walk into town and hang out at the bowling alley and pizza place. OMG,,,,yes, lots of memories, fun and laughs. I had not seen him since high school until you had the reunion in 2004. I was so excited to see him at that time, and glad I did.
I believe he took his mothers maiden name...Mixon later in his life. OH, that makes me sad to hear that. You can add my thoughts to the Memoriam. Thank you for letting me know.
Patricia "Mimi" LeBer Whitaker
1954 - 2014

Nelly Gonzalez Passed March 13 2014 Lupus
1954 - 2014

Michael Heller My brother, Michael Seth Heller, died of complications related to AIDS, May 14, 1988. After GNS, perhaps the following summer, Michael back packed through Germany and Austria with his close friend, Jon Burger. At some point later on, he did a month long back pack thing in the Greek Islands. Michael dabbled in some conventional undergrad programs (Hunter College), but his true interests were in acting. He lived in NYC and studied under Stella Adler and, though to my knowledge he never made a dime at it, held to his commitment. Michael was honest, smart and sensitive; he had a keen and unique sense of humor (while riding the subway, he might pretend to "speed read", zig zagging down one page of a book to the next, quietly enjoying the response of on lookers); he spoke his mind; he loved art, in all forms, a cold can of "Bud" and, in the end, he was courageous and considerate. He was a voracious reader and I keep Michael's impressive personal library in my home. Michael might read portions of several different books on any given day. He would say, "how is that different from watching three different television shows in an evening?" Michael and I had the opportunity to say good bye and I love you. My two sons never got to meet their Uncle Michael, but I have a sense they know him as I believe much of my brother lives on in me. Thank you, Michael Rabinowitz and George Levien, for your kind words and permitting me this opportunity to fill in the blank.
David Lee Heller, Class of ' 69.
1954 - 1988

Joe Keller Joe was a child of a Holocaust survivor, and a US GI dad. They met at the Central Park Tennis courts, married and decided to live in GN. He was a fanatical baseball fan and statistician. He also was an artist and political satirist who was known to most of his teachers by the top of his head since he was quiet and because he drew cartoons constantly throughout classes. Joey had severe scoliosis and got increasingly disconsolate after HS getting involved with drug and alcohol addictions. He created a drawing of an entire Spanish Armada galleon on the blackboard of Mr. Hansons 5th grade class at Lakeville from memory which was so fantastic and detailed that Mr. Hanson didnot erase the board for months. Joey was very sensitive and quite brilliant, and he most especially loved fishing in LI sound where we caught our first striped bass together in 10th grade. He hung himself circa 1980(July 12 to be exact) after a car accident. Remembered with love by Mike Biel

Joey is survived by his mother (shes still going strong as a docent at the Museum of Jewish Heritage-A Living Memorial To The Holocaust), she was never actually in a concentration camp (although her parents perished at Auschwitz).
Also brother Michael,[class of 74] who is living in NY and contributed to this eulogy. He is reachable at mkeller@cfa.com

1954 - 1980

Joanne Kowalski Joanne was a wonderful spirit. Folks may remember her remarkable soprano. She sang the role of Turandot our senior year. I reconnected some with her at our 20th reunion and via facebook. I know that she was very religious and found comfort in that. The comments from students on her facebook show a very loved teacher. Roberta Riportella
She lost her battle wiht ovaian Cancer on July 12th. Joanne had four children and lived in Dedham, Ma.

1955 - 2009

Mary Ann Kowalski Mary Anne graduated from Northwestern University in 1976 with a degree in Speech Pathology. She passed in 1981 after a brief illness. She is survived by her sister Joanne Kowalski Juraschek. Both parents (Muriel and Walter Kowalski), 3 brothers(Vincent, John and Michael Kowalski and a younger sister (Terese Gerry). Submitted by twin sister Joanne.

1954 - 1981

Neil Lieblich

Dr. Neil S. Lieblich, M.D.
Born in New York City on May 2, 1954
Died on Jun. 23, 2008 and resided in Hurley, NY.

Neil S. Lieblich, M.D. died on Monday, June 23,
2008 of complications due to diabetes and sarcoidosis at Saint Peters Hospital, Albany.

Born on May 2, 1954 in Manhattan, N.Y. to Elaine (Feinstein) Lieblich and the late Norman Lieblich, P.E. He graduated from Great Neck South High School Class of 1972 and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in biomedical engineering from MIT in 1976. Dr. Lieblich then attended Brown Medical School – Class of 1980.

After completing residencies at New York Cornell Hospital and Memorial Sloan Kettering in 1983, he settled in Kingston, N.Y.

Dr. Lieblich was a twenty-five year dedicated partner of Pine Street Pediatric Associates, serving Ulster and Dutchess Counties. He was an Associate Professor at the Medical College at Valhalla; President of the Ulster County Board of Health, past Chairman of the Departments of Pediatrics at both Benedictine and the Kingston Hospitals; Associate Medical Directors,Advisors of both GHI and Wellcare insurance carriers; Medical Advisor of the Ulster County Head Start Program and a long-standing American Academy of Pediatrics certified instructor of neonatal resuscitation.

Aside from his professional love of medicine, Dr. Lieblich thoroughly enjoyed his membership at Congregation Agudas Achim and his years of affiliation with the Society of American Magicians and the International Brotherhood of Magicians. He was an avid reader, loved logic games, was a consistent backgammon and poker player, and was a collector of antiques, books, documents and authentic, historical autographs. In addition, he was an eternal optimist and tried to make people smile.

Survivors include Dr. Lieblichs loving wife of thirty years, Joyce Holzman Lieblich and his devoted and adoring children, Ross Henry and Erica Faith Lieblich. Also surviving are his father and mother inlaw, Robert and Leila Holzman, a brother inlaw, Jose Morzan and nephew Ian, wife Amanda and niece Mandy Morzan, a brother and sister-inlaw, Marsha and Craig Goldman and nephews Myles and Mark Goldman; and many aunts, uncles and cousins. He is pre-deceased by his older sister, Jan Karen Morzan.

1954 - 2008

Michael Milenko Michael L. Milenko, 51, died unexpectedly at his home in Virginia Beach. He was the beloved son of the late Naomi and Mel Milenko and loving stepson of Ken Katz; cherished brother of Hillary Milenko and Ellen Reiner and brother-in-law of Richard Reiner; and devoted uncle of Erica and Jenny Reiner. He is also survived by three stepbrothers and one stepsister and their families and many loving friends and relatives.
What we know so far is that he did not feel well and went to an Urgent Care Center in Virginia Beach (where he was living at the time). Subsequently, they sent him to the local emergency room for pain that they were unable to treat or diagnose. At the emergency room, he was examined and discharged. Medically, that is all we know at this time.

He was seen two days later by a neighbor and then no one heard from him for about a week. After the police were alerted, they found him dead in his apartment. The exact cause of his death, at this time, is unknown. He had no known illnesses and was in good health except for the fact that he smoked cigarettes for many years.

When Michael moved to Great Neck prior to his entering the ninth grade. He was instantly well known to all as Coach Milenko’s son. His dad had been the coach at Lakeville School for many years, in addition to owning a local ski tour company and Kings Point Indoor Tennis.

His family lived two blocks from my family in Lake Success. We immediately became friends, along with Jeff Kurtz, Andy Hirschl, Richard Frankel and David Miskit. Collectively we called ourselves "The Boys", even forming an intramural basketball team together. Our lives were very much intertwined then and stayed that way after we all left Great Neck for college. This relationship continued for many years after college until his untimely death.

After high school Michael attended the University of Denver graduating with a degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management. I went to the University of Colorado in Boulder (thirty minutes away), so he and I spent a lot of time together over those four years. After graduation, he began an illustrious career in the hotel, restaurant and catering business, mostly as General Manager

Since he was single and also good at what he did, Michael was moved to new locations every few years. If there was a difficult situation or a hotel that needed upgrading, Michael was the GM they looked to. Therefore, his job took him to many different places over the years. He worked at over 10 different hotels. The locations were always different: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Disney world, The Florida Keys, Cape Kennedy, Virginia and more.

In-between all this he opened a restaurant in a Philadelphia suburb called J. Bodines (after Jethro from the Beverly Hillbillies). He also worked as Food and Catering Manager at an exclusive Philadelphia area golf course.

Earlier in his life, before and after college, Michael would ski a lot. Later on in his life, golf replaced skiing. He would take any opportunity to play, whether at a local course or traveling off to Florida and beyond to play for a week or so. And, with all his years in Hotel/Restaurant Management, good food was his passion. If there were a new highly rated restaurant somewhere, be it in New York, LA or Miami, Michael would find out about it. He would then go try it out bringing along his friends.

Michael was outgoing and was always there to help out a friend when needed. If you (or a friend of yours) showed up at his hotel, at minimum dinner and a room were certainly on the house. He made friends wherever he worked or lived and had many friends all over the country.

Even with his busy life, he always found time to stay in close contact with his good friends, The Boys, from Great Neck. He visited us all often, even staying at several of our homes for a few months at a time in between job changes. We affectionately knew him as “Mr. Linky”.

Michael never married. He remained very close to his two sisters, Ellen and Hillary. Hillary was his travel partner on several trips abroad. Ellen’s family was his family too. He spent many a break at her house, visiting with her and her husband, Richard Reiner (GNS ’70) and their two daughters in Massachusetts. He was also very close to his mother and after her passing, he remained close to his stepfather, Kenny Katz.

Everyone had their own special bond with Michael. My bond with Michael was that we basically went to college together. Plus, of our group of six close high school friends, we were the only two that never married. Michael and I shared many a good time and laughs over the years, never forgetting our high school and college years.

Everyone is grieving over this terrible and untimely loss. The thought of him not being here is a very sad one for all of us to come to grips with. The memories we all shared with him are long and deep. He will be sorely missed by all.

There is an old German saying that goes: You are not dead; dead are only those that one forgets.

Michael, we will never forget you.

His dear friend,

Peter Fields

1954 - 2006

Gina Pica Gina passed away due to breast cancer. I know she had a few kids and a husband but that is all I heard.
Submitted by Susan Codispoti

I came to know Gina in junior high school, we both lived in New Hyde Park. She was a tough kid, who had a rough life, but she had a big heart. I was a very shy kid, and in a era when long, straight hair was "in". I had curly locks. This caused me to get teased mercilliously by a couple of wackos in our school. ThatĚs where Gina came in. She took me in to her group and protected me. No one messed with me when I was with her and she actually introduced me to my childhood sweetheart, John. He took me to 2 proms ,(mine at GNS and his at Sewanaka ) how often does a girl get to go to 2 proms? I remember that she and her beau Danny were like Romeo and Juliet. She seemed very happy.
Im sure that her children and husband miss her very much. I will always be thankful to her for befriending me. She was a good egg. God Bless her.
Carissa Cerda

Robert Reecks ROBERT REECKS of Riverhead, L.I., died in a car crash, Detective Sergeant of the Suffolk County Police Department Hate Crimes Unit and Special Assistant to the Commissioner. Also a graduate of the Class of 2000 F.B.I. National Academy died suddenly on August 6, 2011. Survived by his loving wife, Rita and sons, Joseph and Michael Caputo and granddaughter, Alexis.
1954 - 2011

Michael Roaman Michael Roaman was a very dear friend and died at too young an age. Michael was staying with me in NYC when he died of a heart attack in 1977 at the age of twenty-three. He was born with a heart defect and was always very aware of it and careful to take care of himself. Michael was in New York on a buying trip for his soon to be opened menĚs clothing store planned for Hollywood, Florida. Michael was survived by his wife Peggy (Rounick), mother Joyce, father Alan, sister Judy and brother Peter. For those of you who remember Michael, he moved to Florida with his family in the tenth grade. Michael lived in West Palm Beach and worked at an exclusive menĚs clothing store in Palm Beach. He had a great sense of humor, a love of life and was a valued and loyal friend.
Submitted by Tom Maslow.
1954 - 1977

Carl Rosoff Carl attended and graduated from Harvard and went on to an MD PHD program at Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

Just prior to graduation 1985 he had a virus one day- Mothers Day; he was in the bathroom, fainted and hit his head. He died form bleeding in the brain.

At the time of his sad and tragic death, he was engaged and looking forward to his future in medicine.

My brother was truly an amazing person, smart, good looking, kind and just a wonderful human being. He is missed by all of us every day.

Submitted by his loving sister Robin Rosoff

1954 - 1985

Lorraine Scheele She threw herself in front of a Long Island railroad train days after her boyfriend at the time was killed in a similar manner (he may have been drunk at the time - I seem to recall this). Submitted by Sharon Miller

Still seeking information about her life.
1954 - 1978

David "Shony" Schonfeld  

David did not graduate from south but spent his senior year at a prep school in NJ. He graduated from Northeastern Univ in 1978. Went to work as a software programmer/engineer . He settled in Braintree, Mass (10 mi so of Boston) with his wife Linda ( a local Massachusetts girl). They had 4 boys : Andrew,Brian,Willie, and Joshua. He died in 2001 of liver and pancreatic cancers. Submitted by his life long best friend Robert Maillard.

1954 - 2001

Louis Scida Louis A. Scida, retired chief fire marshal for the Long Island Rail Road and former chief of the Manhasset-Lakeville Volunteer Fire Department, died at home after a long battle with cancer. He was 50.
Scida was a volunteer firefighter for 30 years and served as chief of the department from 1991 to 2001. He helped the Nassau County Fire Academy procure two scrap LIRR railroad cars that are used in training drills by local fire and police departments.
"Because of the way he fought fires and the decisions he made, the outcome was always the safety of firefighters and residents of the community," said Joe Geiman, who also served as chief of the volunteer department.

Louis A. Scida had a humble start to his career at the Long Island Rail Road: His first job was cleaning trains.

But 25 years later, he had risen to the crucial post of chief fire marshal, in charge of preventing and responding to fires in tunnels and on tracks in a railroad system used by hundreds of thousands of people daily.

His friends and family remembered the life-long New Hyde Park resident yesterday as a devoted volunteer firefighter who quietly did good deeds for others without seeking recognition.

He was so modest, in fact, that it wasn't until after his death that relatives discovered all the plaques he had received honoring him, said his sister, Lorraine Capabianca. He had stashed them away in his house.

"He was a very low-key, modest man," Capabianca said, adding that "droves" of people were visiting the family yesterday to pay their respects.

Scida became a volunteer firefighter at age 18, and a decade ago was elected chief of the Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department. In 1998, he was named chief fire marshal for the LIRR, a job that in recent years also involved paying increasing attention to counter-terrorism, said one of his cousins, John Marzulli.

Serving as a firefighter seemed to be in Scida's blood, said Marzulli, who recalled how he would often bolt out of family gatherings as the fire whistle blew.

"I can always remember him running to his car to get to his job to help people," Marzulli said.

One of the things Scida was most proud of with the department was obtaining two old LIRR rail cars to be used at the Nassau County Fire Academy by firefighters training to put out fires and evacuate rail cars.

He was also intensely proud of his family, including his son, Thomas, a sophomore at Loyola University in Chicago who won a scholarship to the school, and his daughter, Lauren, who is in high school. Scida also is survived by his wife, Patricia, and his mother, Helen.**************************************

I have been a close friend of Lou's since the first grade (almost 45 years) and have had the honor to share all the high points and the struggles in his life - including his marriage to his beautiful wife Patricia (as a member of their wedding party), the birth of his two children - Tom and Lauren, and the many milestones in his complete life. Lou spent thirty years of dedicated service to the community it which he was raised as a member of the Manhasset-Lakeville Volunteer Fire Department and Company #5. He has held every office you can hold from 2nd. Lieutenant to Captain of Company #5 and 4th. Deputy Chief to become Chief of the Fire Department in 1999. He also served as the Dept. President prior to his ten year term as Chief. Lou also recently retired as the Chief Fire Marshal of the MTA-LIRR with 26 years at the LIRR. So it is safe to say that Lou has spent a lifetime protecting the residents of not only his community but the thousands of Long Island residents that commuted on the LIRR each and every day.

I know Lou Scida was a great man - I got to see it each and every day as a close friend and fellow firefighter with Lou. But what made Lou a remarkable man was his eight year struggle with cancer. Lou was diagnosed with kidney cancer while still in the Chiefs office. He fought hard and long in the face of unbeatable odds. Very few people, certainly not me, would have been able to face such a devastating disease with such class and dignity as Lou. With his entire body riddled with cancer he never lost his sense of humor or his will to fight, while always providing for his family and being more concerned about the feelings of others. I lost a great friend that I grew to love and respect over these past forty five years, but not nearly as much as in these past eight years. Lou was not just a great man, not just a remarkable man - he was also my HERO!

Joe Geiman "class of 72"

1954 - 2005

Mark Selig Marks life long ambition was to become a cop and he was very happy to become a police officer after graduating high school and we believe he was killed in a helicopter crash. In addition to being a highly decorated police officer and graduate of American University Mark was happily married an accomplished pilot and at the time of his death had been accepted into Saint Johns Law School. He was survived by his mother and father and his sister and brother. Still seeking more details.

Amy Waldhorn   Amy went to NYU for several years after graduating from Great Neck South in 1972.

When she left NYU she got an apartment in the city and worked in the 8th Street Book Store.

She moved from there in 1976 to the Doubleday Book Shop on 53rd and Fifth where she met her future husband, Whit Waterbury.

Amy had a brain tumor removed in 1977. Following her recovery she re-enrolled in NYU. She graduated from NYU with a degree in education in May of 1980.

She became a teacher at the Bank Street School in September 1980 and taught there until 1988. In teaching Amy found her true calling. She quickly became one of the most popular and respected teachers in the school. She taught five and six year olds and often remarked that you never learn again as much as you learn at that period of your lifeŰwhich is why itĚs such an exciting age group to teach. Bank Street has a tradition that each graduating student makes a short valedictory speech. Year after year it was truly amazing how many of these proud 13 year old graduates shared stories about Amy.and cited her as one of the most important influences on their lives.

In 1981 Amy and Whit were married. They moved from the city to Maplewood, New Jersey in 1986.

Their son Sam was born in 1988 and in that year she left Bank Street.

Amy took up teaching again in 1991 at the Rand School in Montclair, NJ. She taught there for a year and then did various independent projects for schools including Bank Street and the Jewish Community Center in West Orange, NJ.

From 1990 until 1995 she had several recurrences of the brain tumor that required lengthy stays in the hospital. The last recurrence in 1995 was fatal: she went into the hospital in July of 1995 and died the following June 23rd, at age 42. She was survived by her mother Mimi, her sister Jane, her brother Richard, her son Sam and her husband Whit. (Her mother died in 2002.)

A scholarship fund has been established in her name at the Bank Street School.

Prepared in February 2005 by Jane Stine, Amy's sister.
1954 - 1995


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