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Robbie Urban

Setauket, NY

I graduated from Ithaca College in 76 with BS Degree (go figure!) I got married to Betsey right after college. We moved to Charlottesville, Va. Where I worked for the local TV station in sales and Betsey was an elementary Phys Ed teacher. We had our first child, Will while we were there in 1980.

In 1983 we moved back to Long Island where I went to work for Betsey's father as VP Sales. We had our daughter, Catherine in 1986 while I was working for Goodway Industries, a manufacturer of food equipment. I sold the equipment that makes Land 'O Lakes whipped butter, Aqua Fresh Toothpaste and Hostess Twinkie's, to name a few.

I started my current job in 1990. I am now Major Accounts Manager for a material handling equipment compnay on Long Island. I design warehouses and sell the equipment that goes inside. I work with companies like Estee Lauder, IBM, Pepsico and others. Betsey works for Suffolk County as an early intervention program coordinator.

Our son, Will is 23 and still lives at home (ugh). He works in sales on Long Island and is trying to grow up. Our daughter, Catherine is a senior at Ward Melville High School and will be going to SUNY Stony Brook next year! Also will be living at home (ugh...again)

Anyway, we are happy, healthy and well!


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